Pistols - Pepper - Blank- Signal

9mm Blanks - 50 per box

9mm Blanks for Pistols 

50 cartridges per box

9MM Pepper rounds On Sale

9MM Pepper rounds

10 per box


9mm PAK  10 per pack

Kuzey GN19 Black Combo 5x pepper + 10x Blank rounds + Holster On Sale

  • Caliber: 9 mm P.A.K
  •  Magazine Capacity: 14+1
  •  Safety: Firing pin safety
  •  Length: 175 mm
  •  Height: 130 mm
  •  Weight: 790 gr
  •  Trig…

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SUR 2004 combo

Baby Browning Replica combo with 5x pepper rounds and 10x blank rounds

Magazine Capacity: 5+1
Mechanism System: Semi Automatic
Safety: Firing Pin Safety
Pepper Range: 15 Meters

Baredda S56 Black combo +5 pepper and 10 blank rounds

  • Caliber: 9 mm PAK
  • Trigger: Double action
  • Mechanism System: Semi Automatic

Blow F92

Plus 5 x pepper rounds 10 x Blank rounds and Holster

Baredda C4 Combo

Combo comes with inside/outside nylon holster, 10x Blank Rounds and hard carry case

BAREDDA S56 SATIN 9MM Combo 5x pepper,10x blank and inside/outside holster


The Baredda S56 is produced with the latest technological equipment, handcraftsmanship, and impeccable precision.

Magazine Capacity: 14+1

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Baredda S56 9mm combo 5 x pepper 10 x blanks and inside outside holster On Sale

Magazine Capacity: 14+1
Trigger: Double Action
Mechanism System: Double Action, Semi Automatic
Safety: Firing Pin Safety

SUR 2608 Blank/Signal Gun 9mm P.A.K On Sale

Product Details

Cal. (P.A.K.)9 mm
Mag. Cap.7+1
Length174 mm
Height115 mm
Width30 mm
Weight690 gr
TriggerDouble Action
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