Pistols - Pepper - Blank- Signal

Kuzey GN19 Black Combo 5x pepper + 10x Blank rounds + Holster picture On Sale

  • Caliber: 9 mm P.A.K
  •  Magazine Capacity: 14+1
  •  Safety: Firing pin safety
  •  Length: 175 mm
  •  Height: 130 mm
  •  Weight: 790 gr
  •  Trig…

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SUR 2004 picture

Baby Browning Replica

Magazine Capacity: 5+1
Mechanism System: Semi Automatic
Safety: Firing Pin Safety
Pepper Range: 15 Meters

Baredda S56 Black combo +5 pepper and 10 blank rounds picture

  • Caliber: 9 mm PAK
  • Trigger: Double action
  • Mechanism System: Semi Automatic

Blow F92 picture

Plus 5 x pepper rounds 10 x Blank rounds and Holster

Baredda C4 Combo picture

Combo comes with inside/outside nylon holster, 10x Blank Rounds and hard carry case

BAREDDA S56 SATIN 9MM Combo 5x pepper,10x blank and inside/outside holster picture


The Baredda S56 is produced with the latest technological equipment, handcraftsmanship, and impeccable precision.

Magazine Capacity: 14+1

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Baredda S56 9mm combo 5 x pepper 10 x blanks and inside outside holster picture On Sale

Magazine Capacity: 14+1
Trigger: Double Action
Mechanism System: Double Action, Semi Automatic
Safety: Firing Pin Safety

SUR 2608 Blank/Signal Gun 9mm P.A.K picture On Sale

Product Details

Cal. (P.A.K.)9 mm
Mag. Cap.7+1
Length174 mm
Height115 mm
Width30 mm
Weight690 gr
TriggerDouble Action
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9MM Pepper rounds picture On Sale

9MM Pepper rounds

10 per box

9mm Blanks - 50 per box picture

9mm Blanks for Pistols 

50 cartridges per box

Bruni PPK (combo) picture
Blow P29 Black picture

Magazine holds 7+1

Retay 84 FS picture On Sale
SUR BRT  M9 picture On Sale
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