#1916-29" Alum.  Arrow-blue MK-AAL29

#1916-29" Alum. Arrow-blue MK-AAL29

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Man Kung Company was established in 1988. It is committed to design and manufacture the high quality crossbows, slingshot, blowgun, knives and related product in this field. Mankung is also strive hard to the bring out the most innovative design that have easy to use mechanism to meet the current market demands. In fact,quality is a very important thing to Man Kung due to which it has gain high reputation from both domestic and international customers.

Moreover, Man Kung is strongly tries to provide best products at an affordable price range. In fact, Man Kung has a very good customer service too and they encourage their employee to improve the quality of their work as well.

Today, Man Kung is a professional crossbow manufacturer, supplier, and also exporter in Taiwan sells their products to many different countries providing best archery crossbows products to all their customers around the world.


  • 1916-29″ (Ø7.6mm) Aluminum arrow
  • The Man Kung 29 inch aluminium bow arrow is a little bit shorter and thinner than the Man Kung 30 inch aluminium bow arrow. It also has a bullet point instead of a field point.
  • Article number: MK-AAL29
    Length of aluminium arrow : 29 inch (73,7 cm)
    Type of point: bullet point
    Diameter: 7,5 mm
    Weight: 26 grams
    Number of vanes: 3
    Shaft material: aluminium
    Vane material: plastic
    Point material: steel
    Shaft color: blue
    Vane color: yellow (2) and red (1)
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